White Man Kills Moroccan Muslim Because He Was “Suspicious” – But Why?

31 year-old Moroccan-American Muslim, Adil Dghoughi, was in his parked car in a rural neighborhood late at night in Texas and according to local reports, Dghoughi was shot through the window of the car and died at the scene. Dghoughi was shot because a white resident was “suspicious” about the man in the vehicle.

The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office said they responded to a report of a shooting at 3:42 AM. They stated that a 65 year-old homeowner “confronted a suspicious vehicle” that was parked outside his residence – according to NPR.

The victim’s girlfriend later told the Daily Beast that Dghoughi enjoyed late night drives and listening to music in his car, and was his way of relaxing. “I just killed a guy,” the Texas man told the dispatcher, and said the victim “tried to pull a gun at me, I shot.” However, sheriff’s deputies found no gun in Dghoughi’s car.

Police mobilized in response to the incident, spoke to the shooter, and the Texas man has now been arrested on charges of murder. It is shocking how many people in the world would get severely punished for the trivalent of matters, and yet, a murderer can simply go home normally and just as casually as any other day. As of now, there are no details about whether any confrontation took place between both of them.

Considering the facts at hand, it’s necessary for us to have the talk, again. We can’t help but wonder if this case would be dealt in the same manner if a Muslim or black citizen was the shooter instead.

Why was he suspicious of him? Was it because he looked Arab, or because perhaps he knew he was a Muslim? It proves to be difficult to believe that the only reason he was suspicious was simply because he was sitting in his car minding his own business, in addition to being next to his home.

Islamophobia and discrimination cannot be encapsulated into just one article. However, you can pretty much get the gist of it from news such as this. To be deemed a threat simply due to someone’s suspicion.

People can condemn you, give you an instant guilty sentence, and execute you simply because Islamophobia exists.

This incident serves as yet another example of the power and brutality that ignites as a result of sheer ignorance combined with a lack of humanity. How Islamophobia is real, and places Arab and Muslim lives in peril.

It’s time we express our disdain of a society that nurtures Islamophobia and discrimination. A society that continues to box up Muslims and Arabs and continues to hold onto a certain narrative, be it a criminal or a terrorist.

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