What’s with All the Heavy Drinking in This Year’s Ramadan Mosalsalat?

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With Egypt being a Muslim country, one thing that has gone unnoticed by many is the heavy drinking in most of the mosalsalat this Ramadan. While everyone is constantly complaining about Mohamed Ramadan’s influential Baltaga and ElSobky’s bellydancers and vulgarity, no one seemed to comment about the immense amount of alcohol scenes on TV during, well, the most conservative time of the year.




What does this mean? Are we selectively conservative? If Grand Hotel is an epic series with a classy feel to it, the alcohol doesn’t feel as offensive as a cabaret scene in a Sobky movie? People have been going on and on about how Grand Hotel is one of the few Ramadan-friendly series this year. Are we mainly against showing skin and obscene language but not alcohol consumption?


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Drinking alcohol in such a massive amount in mosalsal hasn’t received the backlash we were expecting. Not at all. We’re not against the drinking part in mosalsalat whatsoever, but we just want to know; are we as Egyptians slowly becoming numb to the scenes we always stood up against or are we not as conservative as we think we are?


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