What to Do in Quarantine; From Virtual Opera’s to Online Gaming

Coronavirus has dramatically changed our plans. Due to the quarantine, many concerts and trips are disrupted, museums and exhibitions are closed. It seems that there is no way to spend your time with fun. However, this is not the  reason to be sad. New technologies make it possible to diversify leisure without violating quarantine. In this article, we will observe some of them and then check out what to do while the quarantine. 

Some new opportunities

Quarantine is an excellent opportunity to do something that you haven’t done before because of the lack of time and effort. Now you can read, watch a movie, play sports or go on an online tour. Many people prefer doing up their homes because now they have enough time and energy for it. So the first step is to analyse which activities you have put aside for a long time. Besides, you should remember that time goes faster when you have many tasks. 

The Internet and new technologies won’t let you get bored. Various companies, services and famous people make their content free so that users around the world have something to do during the quarantine. For example, Marvel Company opens free access to some of its comics until May 4. You can have access through Marvel Unlimited applications using Android or iOS devices. Besides, you can do it on the Marvel website by selecting the Free Comics category. There are many bestsellers and popular options on the list of comics available. Also, BBC, CNET, Planet Fitness, NBA, and many other companies have offered some free products for their users. 

There are also many ways to develop culturally while being on quarantine. For example, visit some popular exhibitions or listen to the famous New York opera. Guggenheim Museum offers the “Visit the museum from home” service. To use it, you should download audio guides by installing the app to your Android or iOS device. Besides, you can watch Guggenheim Museum streams from different rooms on YouTube. There is also an online collection available on the museum’s site. 

The Metropolitan Opera in New York supports their viewers with Nightly Met Opera broadcasts with archived productions. New streams are available almost every day. You can see the current schedule on the opera website. Also, you can visit virtually Tokyo National Museum, Broadway Show, San Diego Zoo, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Du Soleil Circus and many other places. Look for detail information on companies` websites. 

Gaming as the best way to entertain yourself

Online games are an excellent opportunity to have fun during the quarantine. Thanks to them, time flies unnoticed, and you can get real emotions of delight, excitement and pleasure. You can feel like a commander, warrior, robot, monster, spy – choose a new character every day. Thanks to modern graphics and gameplay, this is possible with complete immersion. Let’s explore some noteworthy online games that can offer you many activities. 

  1. One of the popular online games that have become free during the quarantine is Destiny 2. It will satisfy fans of the MMO genre and first-person shooters. Destiny 2 allows you to explore the world and fight side by side with your friends online. In the free version, there are about six planets, where many activities are available to gamers. You can perform cooperative missions with a fascinating history, or fight with live players around the world with the PvP mode. Besides, it is exciting just to walk around the planets, explore them and enjoy fantastic graphics and sound.
  2. No less popular is the Fortnite online game. Fortnite is a battle royale, where hundreds of players land on a big map and fight among themselves. The feature is the ability to build directly in battle. So even in an open field you can put yourself a wall and take cover from enemy fire. You will play in the guise of many different characters with unique abilities, which many gamers may like. Apart from missions, there is a unique feature at Fortnite. The game has a creative mode with no need to fight. This way players are given tools for creativity. You can build your buildings, create trials, and just fool around. People even make music inside Fortnite.
  3. We cannot avoid mentioning such a great way to entertain yourself as playing free video slots. One of the popular online casinos for this is Lucky Red casino. It offers you a wide range of different slots with an exciting plot and gameplay. Besides, there is also a chance to win a significant amount of money. The assortment of Lucky Red Casino includes games by the Real Time Gaming developer, such as Enchanted Garden or Hibillities. Enjoy bright graphics and an intriguing plot while gaming, and let time fly at the railway speed during quarantine!

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