My First Week at Mykonos with Travco Holidays

01-View from Apollonia Beach Hotel


No words, no matter how eloquent or poetically put together can sum up the vibes of Mykonos, the charming Greek island. It is traditional but modern, simple yet extravagant, friendly and welcoming, with magnificent soul-filling views of the Aegean Sea, and tiny little tasteful details, that are guaranteed to make you swoon and fall in love over and over with life, and if we may add, existence altogether! With this being said, there is so much more to see when it comes to Greece as a country. This is why it comes as no surprise to find that some people who want to take in more of what Greece has to offer may get in touch with companies such as Rental Center Crete, to be able to rent a car that can get them from place to place. This way, there is less stress when it comes to transport and there’s more of a chance to explore freely!


Anyway, here goes a side note cheers, to the Myconian life for being so damn fantastic!


02-Cheers from Scorpios Mykonos Beach


Off on the first of eight exclusive direct flights this season, Travco Holidays flew us from Cairo to Mykonos in just 1hr 45minutes; transit and hassle-free, straight from point A to B, where we lodged at Apollonia Beach Hotel and were pampered and ready to experience one hell of an incredible week!


04-View from Apollonia Beach Hotel


Joining us on the first trip, were none-other but Cairo based models, Salma Abu Deif and Masha Dubrovskaya as well as the renowned fashion designer Malak El Ezzawy! For more details on their experience, follow them on social media (if you are not already) for a sneak peek of their experience on the picturesque pretty island.



To put it plain and simple, the beautiful island welcomed us with such a warm embrace; it was difficult to avoid falling in love and falling hard at first sight. Here are a few insights, some tips and tricks and general info on what to expect during your stay:





05- Mykonos Airport - Courtesy of the Internet


JMK is a cozy little airport not too far from all the attractions, 4km from Mykonos Town to be precise; but it is busy with charters and helicopters coming in and out. Upon landing, and hopping into the transfer bus, before finding time to even flex, you will have arrived at the passport control, led to the baggage claim and directed to the exit where you will take your first step into the charming island, all supervised of course by our Travco Holidays team. Note: By the airport, at 11 o�clock in angle from the exit, you will find a fantastic super market called Flora.





06- Travco Holidays Facilitating


The options are various. If you feel like exploring the island on your own with no designated driver then opt for a car, quad or scooter rental. If you are a group of friends or family, and looking to spare yourselves the driving and do a little more of enjoying the scenery, then a mini-bus rental with a driver is your solution, and of course, Travco Holidays and its partners in Mykonos will assist you with that. Also, there is always the option to hop on buses en route to your go to destination from Fabrika Square at the entry of Chora, or wait your turn at the Taxi queue for your ride back to the hotel. Important piece of info: There are only 32 taxis available on the island, and it is a busy season nowadays! However, regardless of the pressure, their smiles are wide and service is impeccable, just be a little bit patient as you wait your turn.




Beauty around Every Corner



To me, personally, I fell in love with how magnificently simple the island is; it is basic in structure, naturally pretty, no artificiality whatsoever, truly beautiful inside out. It is a live catalog of goodness, beauty and raw! But wait, do not get me wrong, as simple as the island is as much as it is insanely stylish, with a very special vibe of modernity that is impossible to explain. The buildings are sugar-cubed and white-washed, dangling bougainvilleas that frame windows, doors and rooftops, all combination is just so pretty. Even brands as big as Louis Vuitton to Starbucks, went all-white specifically for Mykonos. As for the roads, they are not ordinary ones, and believe us when we say that they are exciting! I mean at every turn there is an exceptional view, of beautiful blue tones in contrast with the whitewashed buildings and the islands hill-y nature. Up and down, a curve and turn is how the driving goes on the island, ranging from two to one lane narrow roads, where order is contained with a chance of hearing two, one to none car horns!






2016-07-09 16.18.18


My-O-My! The beaches are for everyone; they are a go to destination everyday, at anytime: be it morning, evening or night! And to tell the truth, they are strictly fun for all members of the family; that we promise! So, for week one we covered: Paradise, Super Paradise, Paraga (Kalua and Scorpios), Jackie O� and Nammos! And each beach had its stand alone identity, appeal, vibe and feel throughout the different hours of the day! All above listed beaches are island pillars, all so famous and must see spots. At Paradise aim for happy hour for tasty cocktails; at Super Paradise take the kids for water activity fun; at Kaluas wait for the bell to go ding by the bar to announce the start of some crazy dancing time. While at Scorpios enjoy the early morning seclusion and private rendezvous with the sun, also walk around the hill-top beach and breathe in the exotic salty breeze, if possible, 30 minutes before sunset save your seat by the steps, and lose yourself to the incredible sunset! Moving on to Jackie O, the infamous beach where every one is happy, accepting of differences and free, with a little show every other day at sunset, only for those who want to have fun. Last but not least, mega fancy, top beach Nammos, with its new turquoise and white color theme; it is just perfection in every sense! Being the most famous, sun-beds are gone by morning, so do make your reservations and be there on time, but once you are there, all comfortable, tanned and pretty, lose yourself to music after a mouthwatering lunch, where incredible mash-ups play as well as covers for some nostalgic music that will drive you to get up and dance from that moment onwards!




Chora Town




Mykonos is a hub for everyone. Personally, I could not have enough of it. We went there four nights in a row because it was simply amazing in every way. People from all walks of life passing by, endless cafes, tavernas, restaurants, bars even underground clubs, it is amazingly insane! Really! What is even more fascinating were the streets, they are wicked, I mean the pedestrian only zone is a labyrinth, a labyrinth that is so pretty you do not get the chance to feel lost, or freak out of not finding the exit, the ambiance is so smooth and chill that manage to find your way around and bump into a new �in� spot by utter and complete chance, it is like you are answering a call. A call for a new and fun experience. Legend has it, that Chora was designed in its maze like structure to confuse pirates.






2016-07-08 22.42.28


In continuation to the the Chora summary and how stylish people are�let us add shopping to the list! If one thing the Greek Gods/Goddesses passed on to their people besides their beauty, it is definitely their sense of style and craft for creating fashionable attire from simple white fabric, with unique embroidery and signature design! Their leather items are to die for, from sandals, shoes to bags, the products are so soft, professionally finalized you cannot walk pass by a shop and not be tempted by the items you see before your glittering. From Greek boutiques, to high-end European signature brands, all is found, and showcased for the true shopper in heart.



The People



Putting aside their pretty smiling faces, the people are so welcoming you feel you want to hug them and return some of the warmth they are omitting. The quality of service is impeccable; they are so dedicated to showing you a great time that you feel you want to take your finished plate to the kitchen, just to offer you help. It is that intense and real. And when shop keepers at those small markets know that you�re an Egyptian, glitter hits the fan and it rains complimentary goods, along with stories of ancestors from Alexandria and how both cultures are intertwined with awesomeness.




The Food


2016-07-11 17.28.33 HDR-1


Beyond the Greek cuisine and its Mediterranean familiarity, an explosion of flavor is guaranteed with every bite you take, from any dish ranging from the appetizer, to the main course to dessert. The best food we have experienced where at three different locations, Passaji restaurant at Ornos, and mouth-watering cuisine at Kalua, Uno Con Carne in the heart of town, along with the beach restaurant at Nammos.






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I kind of saved the best for last, because Mykonos is not known as the Ibiza of Greece for nothing. The budding nightlife this island hosts is not the least ordinary. DJs flying in from across the world do not fly over for nothing. It is because Mykonos is the renowned party island it is famed for and it never takes a break from offering fun, dance and music throughout the season. On the week we’ve been there, we attended a Paul Van Dyke event at Cavo Paradiso, we were even escorted to the VIP lounge and looked over the crowds like we owned the world, because it really felt like we did. On another night, we got VIP access to Paradise Club and the music was just right, the type of commercial hits that leave you ecstatic, because you feel like finally someone understands your preferred music genre and this is really rare to find. On the rest of the nights, we barhopped from one cozy little bar to the other is in Town and truth be said, we felt understood there too.


All you got to do is sit back, enjoy your morning coffee and leave it to Travco Holidays to arrange, book and facilitate everything for you
All you have to do is sit back, enjoy your morning coffee and leave it to Travco Holidays to arrange, book and facilitate everything for you.


To sum it up, the rocky island resembles a huge village hosting small traditional buildings and winding curvy roads, going up hill and down, to mesmerizing views of the Aegean. This cosmopolitan piece of land offers all that is young, hip and trending and rumor is accurate, it is the place to see and be seen, the place where happiness and freedom are found around every corner and it is where modern life is enveloped by ancient Greek Mythology and fantastic legendary tales. The food is exquisite, the service is so flattering and the people are helpful you feel home 1hr 45minutes away from home, but that short distance is only via Travco Holidays every Friday throughout July and August.




WE SAID THIS: For more details on how and when to get there, visit Travco’s Facebook page and website or call 19779. In the meantime, stay tuned for week two.