Websites Hosting Blue Whale Suicide Game to Be Banned in Egypt

After horrific teenage suicide and arson incidents related to Blue Whale challenge game, Egypt is taking control over the situation. In an attempt to prevent further suicides, Egypt’s prosecutor-general, Nabil Sadek, has ordered authorities to ban websites hosting the game.

Prosecutor-General described the game as a danger that targets youngsters, leading them to follow orders blindly, which undermines the safety of a large sector of Egyptian families. However, stated that banning all platforms hosting the game is by no means easy.

Via Wikipedia

Khalid Sherif, board member of the NTRA, explained that banning websites is doable, however, teenagers might find other means to find the game online. “It’s possible to block the websites that allow access to Blue Whale game by IP address, but still it can be circumvented by teenagers”, Sherif told Egypt Today. “Blocking is not that effective since many blocked websites have pages on social media that they can be accessed through. Moreover, it is possible to apply means to circumvent the block, like proxy or VPN services”, Sherif further explained.

The game is composed of 50 challenges, starting with easy orders, some including self-harm and the final order allegedly forces, or convinces, the player to commit suicide. The victim is brainwashed into thinking his family will be harmed or personal data will be breached.

WE SAID THIS: Please monitor what your children have access to on the Internet.