Lebanese Artist, Hiba Tawaji, To perform In Egypt For The First Time Ever!

By Kareem Sheta

“To every Egyptian who has been looking forward to seeing me perform in your beautiful dear country, you don’t know how much I would love to come visit & meet you all. It is a dream of mine as well. However, the event which was recently created to promote an upcoming concert at Cairo Opera house is, unfortunately, a RUMOR. I know you mean well, and I know that you did all that to show me your love & support. I have been reading all your messages. They really touched me. I promise you that I will perform in Egypt very soon when the right opportunity & time comes.”

These were the very words of renowned Lebanese artist, Hiba Tawaji, exactly two years ago when a fake rumor was spread on social media about a potential performance in Egypt by the beloved soprano singer. Well, fans there is no need to get discouraged any longer! On the 30th of April, Sawt Music will be hosting Heba Tawaji with the Sphinx Symphony Orchestra in a live performance at Taj City for the first time in Egypt.

A little background about Tawaji. Since 2007, she has been developing her vocal techniques with celebrated Lebanese composer and producer, Oussama Rahbani. Moreover, she trained along the way with other prominent figures such as Emmy Award winner, Gwen Conley in New York. The spotlight discovered her when she joined The Voice France in 2015 when the artist’s powerful voice of mesmerization stunned audiences worldwide. Despite her not qualifying to the finals, she still remains one of the famous stars in the Middle East.

WE SAID THIS: So get your tuxes and dresses ready ladies and gents for a performance of a lifetime!