I Wear My Hijab with Understanding and Pride, and So Should You

This piece of cloth I wear every single day on my head is what defines me, it is what tells others who I am and what my beliefs are. The hijab is about modernity and modesty. I was really scared, scared of not being able to commit to it. I was scared because I travel a lot and I kept thinking what would people say in other countries where you don’t see many Muslim women wearing the hijab. I was scared of not being beautiful or appealing enough. It takes a lot of courage to wear it and commit.


One day, I had a feeling that now is the right time to wear it. I had to let go of these dominating thoughts in my head. Yes, I struggled a lot to wear it. But thankfully, my family and friends were really supportive about the big, life-changing decision I made.



There were  — of course — some people who kept telling me that I looked better with my long hair, or that I won’t look as pretty as I once supposedly did. I honestly didn’t listen to them, because I knew that I can be pretty even if I wore the hijab. Wearing it, for some women, can be quite difficult, especially in our “democratic” country. Where they tell you “oh, you can do whatever you want” but still ban the burkini in some hotels for hygiene purposes; or ban you from entering specific “restaurants.”


But honestly, who cares what other people think? All that matters is that you. If this something you want to wear, then by God you wear it, and you wear it with pride. Yes, there were ups and downs, but I managed, in time, to overcome them, and you will too.



Pray and ask for help and guidance. He will guide you, He sees. He understands you more than you understand yourself. He will never fail you. You are not alone.



WE SAID THIS: Never be afraid to wear the hijab. Be proud of it.