What Not to Wear This Eid

When it comes to fashion, it’s usually about taste. But some trends have been taking more time than they deserve and people just need to stop already.

The temperature is dropping and you need to adjust your wardrobe accordingly, anyway. So bid adieu to your summer collection and these five officially-over trends.

Here’s what NOT to pack for this coming holiday.




Unless you’re a performing on stage in front of a massive audience of fans, stay away from studs.

And when we say studs, we mean boot studs, jacket studs, shoulder studs, bracelet studs, purse studs, anything stud-related.





Neon isn’t a statement anymore. All it states is how last season you are.

Throw them out!


Color Wayfarers



This isn’t only last season, this is last year. If you still own a colored wayfarer and you’re thinking of wearing it this Eid, don’t.




We never really liked this butt umbrella trend.

Especially when you’ve got a big booty! Not flattering. And for you skinny girls, congrats you’ve just created yourself a muffin top.


Suspender Tights


We really don’t know when this was in style, but if it ever was this is definitely a no-no. The only place where this is a appropriate is a party that has a pole.


WE SAID THIS: Clean out your closets, ladies, the seasons are a-changing!

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