Walk It Off: 5 Cairo Neighborhoods Where You Can Go For a Stroll

Many of us often complain that we never get a chance to enjoy a walk on the busy streets of Cairo. But as the weather starts to get better, it’s time to take advantage and enjoy the city’s beautiful neighborhoods. While some districts have cafes and outdoor venues for you to enjoy, others have tree-lined streets and lush greenery, a view that will make you enjoy your walk even more!

Here are some of our favorite spots for a walk in Cairo. We’ve even picked the ones overlooking the Nile to guarantee you get the best experience!


Zamalek is, by far, one of our favorite places for long walks in Cairo. Surrounded by trees and greenery everywhere, you can join the area’s residents for a morning jog by the beautiful Nile, on Abu El Feda street or the 26th of July street.

Although you’ll be surrounded by trees and greenery, you might get tired of walking and want to stop for a quick meal. You can then visit Abou El Sid Restaurant, for authentic Egyptian cuisine, or head to Crimson Cairo for a fancy lunch or dinner experience overlooking the Nile. And for art enthusiasts, Zamalek is also home to a number of art galleries and antique stores that you can drop by and enjoy.


Anyone who lives in this neighborhood would highly recommend Maadi as a walking area. It has nice trees and quiet streets to walk along where you can enjoy looking at the English-style villas or the minimal bungalows that takes you back to the 60s and 70s.

Road 9 is one of the good options if you’re planning on sitting somewhere, having a meal or sipping a drink because it has countless cafes and restaurants. You can also stop and take a break at Osana; sitting in their garden will recharge your energy and you can enjoy a quick smoothie or even a yoga class for some proper self-care and indulgence.


Many people enjoy walking in Korba or simply spending time there because of the old Islamic architecture of its buildings, as well as walking across the Basilique and admiring the unique Byzantine architecture. That being said, you also can’t miss passing by Mandarine Koueidar for ice cream or sitting by the iconic Qahwet Aswan to just chill.

Garden City

Now Garden City doesn’t have that many cafes or places to visit, and that makes it an ideal walking option for many. Being one of the least commercial areas, it’s a perfect neighborhood for you to enjoy a relaxing walk while avoiding overly-crowded areas around Cairo. You can even end your day by taking an undisturbed experience riding a felucca in the Nile.


Cairo just never gets old. It’s always time for a walk around Downtown, reminiscing on classic Cairo, and walking between its charming buildings and streets. Passing by the historic Talaat Harb and walking next to the popular Tahrir Square are both a must. Make sure you don’t miss visiting Cafe Riche, one of the oldest cafes in Cairo at over 100 years old. You can also head to Eish & Malh for a tasty meal; you won’t be disappointed! And the best part is that it’s right opposite the Jewish Synagogue, so you get a chance to also appreciate its exterior beauty.

If you’re a bookworm, Downtown or ‘Wust El Balad’ is a haven for bookstores. There are many antique stores as well, and they usually have more affordable pieces than in Zamalek.

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