Wadi Al-Jinn: iProductions Announces New Fantasy Adventure With Pan-Arab Cast and 150 Locations!

iProductions just dropped an announcement that the company is currently shooting the upcoming fantasy adventure drama, ‘Wadi Al-Jinn’, a new Viu Original! ‘Wadi Al-Jinn’ is going to be shot in 150 different locations and it’s going to feature a Pan-Arab cast.

The fictional series follows the story of four college students who explore the mysterious Wadi Al-Jinn caves and find themselves in a hidden underworld dominated by evil forces. It’s set to premiere on Viu next year.

“Wadi Al-Jinn is a unique fantasy and adventure drama that takes place in different 150 locations, including archeological sites, nature reserves, and local areas. We had to create some huge decorations for this, also 50% of the series’ events depend on VFX visual effects. Challenging all the obstacles of the covid-19 crisis, this series is a huge production that is funded by Viu, using state-of-the-art visual effects techniques by Trend VFX Company to present the best image,” said Ahmed Fahmy, Managing Director of iProductions.

“We’re delighted to collaborate on a huge production like Wadi Al-Jinn with the unique company iProductions. A project like this should encompass high-profile technical and production veterans. This project comes as part of the company’s vision to further support the TV and film industry in Egypt and across the Arab world through promoting for more co-productions in film and TV,” said Shady Aboul Naga, General Manager of Viu Middle East.

Directed by Hossam El Gohary, the series is co-written by Menna Ikram, Omar Khaled and Mohammad Hisham Obya. It features some burgeoning stars, including Youssef Othman and Layla Ahmed Zaher from Egypt, Mohsen Mansour (Saudi Arabia), Roa Channouha (Lebanon),  Khaled Kamal, Firas Saayed, Reham Saeed, Ola Ramy, Shammam el Hassan (Iraq), Abdelrahman Al Yamani (Saudi Arabia) and Cynthia Khalifeh (Lebanon) along with the rising stars;  Hana Daoud and Hasan Malik.

The series also features some remarkable names, including Saleh Abdel Nabi, Karim El Dessouky, Ahmed Abdel Hay, Injy Abaza, Hamza Al Eily, Heba Abdel Ghani, Asma Suleiman, Hind Reda, Safaa Jalal and Ola Rami with a special guest appearance of superstar Bushra.

The series is headlined by Art Director Hind Haidar, Director of Photography Ashraf Gaber, Costume Designer Enas Abdullah and Editor Ramez Atef, and supported by Trend VFX, one of the best visual effects companies in Egypt.

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