Viral Visual: Inside Egypt’s First Pyramid After 14 Years of Restoration

A recently-posted video on YouTube takes viewers on an unprecedented journey through the insides of the oldest true ancient Egyptian pyramid, the Step Pyramid of Djoser. The jaw-dropping footage shows an exclusive view of the four-kilometer labyrinth under the pyramid.

The famed Pyramid of Djoser is unique in its shape, differing from the well-established blueprint of the structures that came after it. It is indeed one of the earliest examples of large-scale, cut-stone construction composed of several steps or ‘mastabas’.

Prior to the construction of Pyramids, ancient Egyptian burials took place in a mastaba, which was made of mud-brick with tilting sides. Djoser’s Pyramid is composed of six mastabas stacked atop one another. Archaeologists believe that this was the first Pyramid built in Egypt.

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