A Viral Video Showing King Farouk’s Stolen Bedroom Suite Being Sold Online

The official Facebook page for King Farouk the First has just shared quite a disturbing video. Apparently, the king’s bedroom suite was displayed for sale back in 2016 on an American website called M.S. Rau Antiques.

Allegedly during a tour at Egypt’s Giza Zoo, Former Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Ahmed Abu Hadid, discovered that the bedroom suite has disappeared and been replaced by another cheap version bought from a nearby Omar Effendi Department Store.

The mahogany and mercury-gilded bronze bedroom suite was once owned by the last Egyptian monarch, King Farouk. Decorated in the Empire style, the set was crafted by one of the premier Parisian Ébéniste of the 19th century, Antoine Krieger.

The bedroom disappeared after the wife of one of the ministers, staying in the royal rest house, disliked the bedroom and ordered it to be changed. No information was given about the storage location. An old video started circulating on social media of the bedroom being on sale for USD 985,000.

Via M.S. Rau Antique

On further investigation, the bedroom is currently not found on the website.

WE SAID THIS: It’s a sad day when Egypt’s history is on display for sale.

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