Viral Video: Men Spotted Vandalizing El-Korba’s Christmas Tree Just for Fun

For the past few years, Egypt has upped its Christmas game and blessed us with street decorations like no other. Unlike the 80s and 90s, it’s been hard to miss the festive vibes in the city when malls and streets are draped in golden bells and reindeers.

Alas, all good things come to an end when chaos is a consistently a favorable mood. El-Korba, Heliopolis has been known for its gigantic tree, with a central location right in front of Vodafone and Arabiata. The tree and Ramadan latern are placed by Heliopolis Heritage Foundation; a grass roots community NGO, to protect the quality of Llie in Heliopolis and preserve it’s built heritage.

Via Heliopolis Heritage Foundation

A video went viral featuring men climbing the iconic tree, removing ornaments, and throwing them at people in the streets.

The sad part is that those passing by did not stop them. In fact, they were cheering instead. It is scary to interfere in similar chaotic situations, especially when you don’t know how agressive the men can get. However, no security was spotted nearby, only people stunned in front of a few barbarians on a mission to ruin Christmas just for fun.

Gladly, the Heliopolis Heritage Foundation brought order back to El-Korba and fixed and redecorated the tree in less than 24 hours; with the help of Heliopolis residents. The thing that makes this tree so special is that it is one of the first trees to be placed in the streets of cairo four years ago, with the sole purpose of spreading joy and positivity.

Via Heliopolis Heritage Foundation

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