Vintage Attire Is Back in the Game All Thanks Go To This Online Store!

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Change in the fashion is simply inevitable. One day you’re in and the other day you’re out; totally saying that in Heidi Klum’s voice. But despite the fact that trends are seasonal, some trends surprise us by making it back to the It list years; and sometimes decades, later. Some people though don’t wait for trends to follow, they make their own fashion statements instead. Those are not afraid to go out of the box and break modern fashion boundaries when they’re suckers for vintage! If you’re one of those, then this online store is everything you’ve been dreaming of.

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S(old) is a concept adopted by Egyptian siblings Yehia and Aseel Karali promoting pre-loved fashion items. Even though the concept is widely familiar abroad, to Egyptians it just started to become acceptable. The partners and siblings have decided to bring it into action and promote vintage attire in the most creative artsy ways. If you go through their Instagram or Facebook page, you’ll be delighted to see the vintage track tops as well as the vibrant patterns of their silk shirts.

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