This Video Shows the Not-So-Scary Truth About Syrian Refugees


“They’re not like us,” the latest offering from Doctors of the World says about Syrian refugees. The short film aims to show the truth about them, which is, they’re just like every single one of us. “I’m a father,” “I’m a husband,” “I’m educated,” the refugees say.


Through interviews, Doctors of the World tries to show what’s so scary about Syrian refugees. What we learn? There’s absolutely nothing to fear. When will ever wake up? It’s 2017 already, you guys, and some people still can’t understand that these human beings deserve to live a normal life, just like all of us. These human beings had a life of their own, a boring one. They had jobs, they had families, they had drama. But all of that got taken away from them, and they’re merely just trying to collect whatever remaining pieces they have left to resemble anything that comes close to a normal life. Wake up, world. Let’s be human.



WE SAID THIS: All interviews were conducted at the Doctors of the World hospitals and clinics on the Turkish border, where refugees are currently being cared for.


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