eSIMs Unleashed: Egypt’s Telecoms Set To Test Revolutionary Tech

Going all the way back to 2022, Egypt was planning on offering new and highly innovative technology to mobile operations across the country. Known as the eSIM, it’s a new service that allows customers to keep a phone line without needing to put a traditional chip in their mobile phone.

This new style of telecommunications allows customers to use more than one line on the same mobile phone. Despite a lack of significant development in the technology since 2022, a recent announcement revealed that the country is set to start testing the electronic SIM card (eSIM) next week.

Back in September 2023, Egypt announced that mobile operators will launch the eSIM in 2024, so there are high hopes that this technology will be released this year.

Since the announcement, many took to social media to express their surprise that the eSIM will finally get released with one user commenting, “Finally…after 100 years…😂.” Knowing how this has been a long-anticipated tech upgrade, we’ll just have to see if it’ll really be implemented in 2024.

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