Unearthing the Next Generation of Middle Eastern Designers: The Vogue Arabia Fashion Prize Is Back!

We’re all amazed by the fashion world; we can call it the cherry on top of our lives. Or maybe an addiction we can’t live without? Well, we’re sure it’s both. It’s one of those things in life that can always put a smile on our face. The Vogue Arabia Fashion Prize is one of those events that highly embraces and appreciates the designers from all across the Middle East.

This year’s prize was powered by NEOM. The fashion prize was open to ready-to-wear, couture, accessories, and jewelry designers from all across the Arab world, with the amazing Enjy Kiwan as the presenter of the whole event. Now keep on scrolling down to get to know about the finalists and meet the winner!

First meet the FINALISTS

Jude Benhalim
Via Vogue.me

One of the best Egyptian jewelry designers that present modern statement pieces. Her inspiration comes from geometric shapes adding her own unique taste to it. To all jewelry lovers out there here is your newest go to jewelry brand, let’s get all women accessorized with a mixture of bold modern style with oriental infusion.

Karim Adduchi

A Moroccan artist and couture designer who designs woman’s wear that follows the patterns of self-expression and globalization. His main inspiration comes from his rich moroccan heritage.

Lama Jouni

A Lebanese fashion designer following the category of ‘ready to wear’. Her pieces compliment music, travel, and art. To all the women out there don’t you just love this combination?

Mohamed Benchellal-Benchellal

A Moroccan couture fashion designer who holds sustainable values and ethics at its core. He plays around contemporary and timeless designs.

Ibrahim Shebani-Born in Exile

His powerful designs represent a modern twist on Libya’s rich culture and folklore traditions, turning them into everyday garments.

Eric Mathieu Ritter-Emergency Room

A Lebanese designer who utilizes dead stock fabrics and revives some unique vintage materials. He also follows the ideology of sourcing a sustainable and ethical alternatives to clothing creations.

Harith Hashim-Harithand
Via vogue.me

A Lebanese ‘ready to wear’ designer focusing on a woman’s elegant formal daily and evening wear.

Ilyes Ouali

A classic style with a splash of glamour? That’s when Ilyes Ouali hits the runway with his designs. An Algerian designer who is inspired by his mother’s style and his fashion goal is to retain the traditional feminine elegance.

Yousef Akbar
Via HeraldSun

The Saudi couturier whose brand focuses on elegance and femininity, made by using recycled materials. When sustainability meets fashion!

Sarah and Siham Albinali-Lurline

When Sisterhood meets fashion, these two inspirational saudi designers bring their conception and perspective of modern women to the fashion life in their atypical and daring ‘ready to wear’ designs.

AND THE WINNER OF THE VOGUE PRIZE GOES TO… Mohamed Benchellal- Benchellal! The designer will receive a financial grant valued at US$150,000, alongside press, marketing, and mentorship.

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