UFC Fights and Fighters: How to Pick the Best Bet

UFC could potentially rival boxing in the number of people who are betting on the fights. However, the UFC has quite a bit more in the way of fights and even in the main events that people can place a bet on. Now, the key thing to find out is how you can pick the best fighter to increase your potential winnings when you are placing a bet, but also when you are looking at online betting in the US to avoid losing the big money.

Check the size of the fighters

Normally this is one of the first things to look at. However, the size will include the height and weight of the fighters. It is easy to think that the bigger fighter would be the best option, but that is not always the case. With the size you should look at the reach as well. When the fights have a significant reach advantage it is very easy to lean towards that fighter. He or she will generally be able to keep their opponent at bay with the reach and easily connect before the opponent gets close enough to do any damage. One other factor that can be taken into account with the size of the fighters is the age. With the age fighters tend to lose their effectiveness as they get older.

Look at previous fight experience

With the fight experience most of the fighters will end up having quite a bit of experience. However, what you need to do is make sure you check where the experience was located. Now, some of the fighters, definitely the younger fighters, are going to have some problems in the stress from going to the UFC from the other professional leagues. So you need to make sure you look at the fight experience and remember if the fighters are still fairly new they will not be able to come in as good as what they could potentially be from the stress of entering the UFC octagon. Not to mention the younger fighters tend to start off against some of the more experienced fighters.

Determine strikes per minute, takedowns, and submission

When evaluating some of the fights you want to find out their fighting style. When you do this you can figure out which one of the fighters to look at closely. For example, if you pick a fight between a couple of strikers you need to make sure you look at the strikes that are being thrown. This makes it easier to see which fighter is able to do better in the fight. The same would be true if the fighter that you are looking at is in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or other types of styles that submissions and takedowns would be the key factor.

Finding the best fighter for the UFC picks is easy to do if you know what factors to look at. By knowing which one of the factors to consider it will be easy for you to start to make the proper bets and know what when you are betting online in the US you can really start to win big.

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