Uber Offers to Help as Zamalek’s Security Increased Prior to Pope’s Visit

Via tumblr
Via tumblr


The whole country is on edge due Pope Francis’s visit to Egypt that’s just a few days away. The security in Zamalek has been step up in the areas surrounding the Vatican residence in Egypt. Parking has been banned in major streets and shop owners are asked to close their stores during the visit which starts Friday.


Following two terrorist attacks in two different churches just weeks ago, people were worried that Pope Francis would cancel his visit for security reasons, yet the Pope insisted on visiting the region to mend ties with Islam. State media reported that the security chief of Vatican City, Domenico Giani, has arrived in Cairo on Friday with a delegation from the Vatican to ensure the Pope’s safety. The visit is scheduled on the 28-29th April.


Now you can only imagine the counter effects of such a visit on Zamalek’s traffic. In an effort to help keep Cairo moving, Uber Egypt has a promo code ‘TOZAMALEK’ that will give you a 20% discount. The promo is valid until Saturday 29 April. Captains of Careem, what are you waiting for? Give us a Zamalek promo.


With the increased security in Zamalek over the next couple days due to the Pope's visit – parking is close to…

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