Uber Egypt Makes It Uber Easy to Be Kareem This Ramadan

(Courtesy: Uber Egypt)


Looking for another way to give back or do your good deeds this Ramadan? Uber Egypt just made it uber easy, as easy as taking a trip, and it isn’t going to cost you a dime.


As part of Lipton and Knorr’s ‘Kamal Karamak’ initiative, and in coordination with the Egyptian Food Bank, Uber Egypt is helping to provide free meals to those in need, the company announced in a Tuesday email to users. For each ride you take under the promotion, one meal will be donated to someone in need. What’s more, there’s no extra cost to you: you pay the usual UberX price.


“We believe in paying it forward and together we can lend a helping a hand,” Uber said in their statement.

(Courtesy: Uber Egypt)

To make sure each of your rides donate a meal, enable the promotion by tapping the profile icon in the top left corner of your Uber screen, tap ‘Promotions,’ and enter the code ‘KAMELKARAMAK.’ Then, move the slider at the bottom to ‘KamelKaramak,’ order your ride as usual, and a free meal will be delivered to someone in need.


The campaign will be for a limited time, although Uber has not specified an end date and says they hope for 10,000 rides to serve 10,000 meals before the campaign ends.


According to the press release, there are an estimated 3.5 million hungry people in Egypt and an estimated 30% of food nationwide is wasted. The Kamal Karamak (Continue Your Generosity) campaign aims to educate consumers to reduce food waste.


“Uber is committed to making transport easier and more accessible for everyone, and it is up to us collectively to join hands and give back whenever and wherever we can,” Uber said in their press release. “Let’s ride for a cause!”



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