UAE Inspired NFT Collection, “Bored Falcon” Unites Artists and the Middle Eastern Community

Expo 2020 isn’t enough for the UAE; it went ahead and created the first large-scale NFT collection in the whole region, right in the heart of Dubai. The NFT collection, “Bored Falcon” launched this Feb., Arabs from all over The Middle East worked together to bring the collection to life. With its own key features and vision, Bored Falcon’s futuristic and traditional aspects change digital art in the region.

Bored Falcon

The collection has 10,000 falcons, each one is unique in its own way. The collection launched 1,000 NFTs in the first wave. However, it started with the 10 founding falcons, counting down from #9999 to #9990. As the list goes on, the falcons get “cooler, crazier, and rarer.”

The Bored Falcon is created by a collection of artists from all around the region, such as UAE, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Syria. Coming from different backgrounds, those artists united for one initiative, on one platform through digital art. Just as all those artists united, like-minded people can build together the Bored Falcon community.

Bored Falcon #9999 -Via OpenSea.

The collection was created with key features and a vision. Those NFTs are modern, futuristic, and culturally specific. Moreover, it gives people the chance to congregate, initiate change and connect over focus, determination, freedom, and grace.

The slogan of the Bored Falcon and its community is, “We do things differently in the Middle East.” Furthermore, the vision of the community is to help and advise each other. Using diverse knowledge and believing in change, people can bond virtually to create a better world together.

During the Step Conference 2022 in Dubai Internet City on Feb. 23-24, a few of the 10 founding falcons will be given away. Moreover, NFTs from the first wave are on OpenSea, with a floor price of 0.05 Ethereum (ETH). Anyone can join the Falcons by buying NFTs, and they’re sold at such a low price to make the collection accessible.

What are you waiting for? Join the Bored Falcon!

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