UAE Company Fails to Pay Salaries to Its Workers in the Past 5 Months

Via Khaleej Times
Via Khaleej Times


“We came here to work and earn money to feed our families, but the company has made our lives miserable. We have not been getting our salaries since April, and in March we were paid half the salary. Last week, they stopped giving us food, and forced us to vacate our rooms,” an Indian worker in Emirates Engineering told Khaleej Times.


35 workers in Fujairah-based company have not received their salaries in the past five months. Not only that, the company hasn’t been providing the workers with enough food to sustain them, and it has left the Indian Consulate fuming. Now, with interference from the Indian Consulate, gas connection has been restored and mess facilities have restarted. Electricity and water supply has not been disconnected, and arrangements are being made to supply more groceries to the accommodation.


“The new management is financially fit to resolve the issues relating to the pending dues of workers,” the company told Khaleej Times. “Nearly 100 workers are on duty and the new management will do the needful to arrange all the dues as per the UAE Labour Law within one month for the remaining 30 workers.”



WE SAID THIS: We hope it all goes smoothly.