Twitter Campaign to Boycott Over-Priced Cigarettes Goes Viral

Khaliha Tesadi (Let it Rust) hashtag is so over because now it is all about keeping it at the factory with the new (Khaliha fel Masna’a) trend. This month, Egyptian vehicle consumers were infuriated after a highly-anticipated deflation in automobile prices that did not happen. Following the lift of tariffs on European Union cars imported to Egypt, the public’s expectations were not met and that led to quite a viral hashtag, #خليها_تصدي (translated to ‘Let it Rust’).

Now Twitter has something to say about another surge in prices and this time the target is cigarettes. Egyptian smokers are asking everyone to boycott smoking and leave the packs at the factory to force suppliers to return to original reasonable prices. The campaign will allegedly take place at the beginning of February.

I’m considering joining the (Keep it at the factory) campaign and quit smoking and the prices won’t be cheaper anyway, yet I may quit permanently.

This may be the best thing a smoker can do, to encourage others to quit smoking. Who knows? Maybe they will be able to quit the bad habit permanently.

A third hashtag is on the rise and this time the enraged citizens are the lovebirds on the verge of marriage. Khaliha Tea’nis (Let her be a Spinster) is another campaign targeted at the insane prices of home appliances, furniture, linens, beddings, lightings, marriage dowry, and the list goes on forever.

WE SAID THIS: May the most influential hashtag win!