Must-Watch: This Guy Took his Trivia Questions About Egypt to American Streets

Via Emad El Sammad

How much do you know about your country? How much do you think foreigners know? Well, these two questions were recently answered by Emad El Sammad in a very interesting social experiment of his. He took his trivia questions about his hometown, Egypt, to the American streets.

This video content will definitely make laugh so hard while allowing you to gain more knowledge about ancient Egypt. Some answers were surprisingly correct, some were based on stereotypes of course, and some were just hilarious. The prize on the other hand was super special; Emad wrote the participants’ names in Hieroglyphics on a piece of paper. For you, it could seem like a simple gesture, but for foreigners who’ve been fantasizing about Egypt from history classes, this is just super cool and heart melting.

Emad El Sammad is an Egyptian Syrian actor who currently has his own online show; Beast from the Middle East. The show is basically a series of social experiments set in the US as he’s residing in Seattle, Washington. El Sammad got his BA degree in Archaeology and pre-Master’s degree in Egyptian Archaeology and history; that explains a lot about his recent social experiment.

WE SAID THIS: Such an interactive experiment is simply an awesome, and most importantly smart, idea to boost tourism and change negative perceptions about the country. We really hope to see more of that kind of content.