Tourists Spotted Waiting in Front of Egypt Agricultural Museum Because It Opened Late

Via heshamfaragarc


A Facebook post went viral after tourists in Egypt were spotted in Dokki. They apparently waited for 45 minutes to enter the Agricultural Museum. A passerby, Hesham Farag, saw a group of foreigners waiting in the street at 9:15 am. The tourists allegedly told him that they understood that the museum opens at 8:30 am, yet it was still closed, which left quite the impression on them.


Via Hesham Farag


Farag consistently tried to get someone from inside to answer, yet he failed. We’ve checked online and found out that their working hours are 9 am- 2 pm, so basically the museum was 15 minutes late, that is if the museum opened when the passerby took this photo. We understand that for any non-Egyptian citizen who is here on vacation, 15 minutes are a lot and it is unacceptable to have them wait in the street. We just hope the people responsible for all touristic establishments don’t manage to ruin what is left of tourism.


Via Hesham Farag



WE SAID THIS: Punctuality people!!!


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