Amina Khalil Shares Inspiring Story About Body Shaming at TEDx Cairo Women

Via Fustany


When you think of Ramadan’s pretty woman, our renowned Nazly of Grand Hotel, the stunning actress Amina Khalil, body shaming is the last thing that might cross your mind. Apparently, we’re wrong. At TEDx Cairo Women’s event last month, Khalil took the stage to share her inspiring story with her acting career and body acceptance.


A Facebook post went viral after Khalil confessed that her nose stood in the way of her getting roles. She even added that she considered getting a nose job, but thankfully life came in the way. Women are cheering for her, men are respecting her, and honestly, we don’t even see that bump that director mentioned. The speech was not all about body shaming, Khalil tackled the social pressure that comes along with a career as an actress in Egypt.



Watch the inspiring video below:




WE SAID THIS: The best thing about this is how Khalil used her platform to support and empower women.