Top Remote Solutions for Your Business in 2021

With the whole world working remotely, it’s crucial for organizations to use remote access solutions. With this, you get a better control over your business. These solutions can take control or view the things being done on another computer in a jiffy. In order for it to work, the computers don’t have to belong to the same network. 

The IT department uses it to offer tech support to the employees. These days it is being used by top casino customer support teams to attend to their customers. So, if you are playing at the best Canadian casino and run into any trouble, you’ll know that the customer support team is there to help you out. Nowadays, many employees are working from home through remote access solutions to ensure uninterrupted services. Many industries are largely dependent on these solutions for their business to thrive. 

In case you are looking for the top software for remote access for your business, take a look at the options given below. 


It is a clear-cut remote access solution. There is no complex customization process or sales team to speak to. Regardless of the devices you would like to access remotely, RemotePC can accommodate your requirements. Moreover, it has a wide range of pricing plans based on why you need remote access software. 

RemotePC lets you access the system remotely. Without any extra software installation, you can access devices from the internet. Give your tech support team or your associates a unique password and access ID for one-time access sessions. 

The software allows remote printing, file transfer, record remote session, and live chat. 

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based software. It is ideal for granting remote access support to your clients. With this, it is easy to get started and requires a stable connection between customers and yourself. 

Using Zoho Assist, you can transfer a file even while you’re on a live session with complete peace of mind. It lets you schedule support teams at a time and date that is suitable for your customers, and is the is the best way to stay organized. 

The cloud-based solution has a built-in chat, video, and voice that improve communication between you and your customers. When you use this, with just one click, you can reboot your computer. 

If you have Zoho Assist, your team doesn’t have to stick to a workstation for supporting your customers. 

LogoMeIn Pro

This is a solution that offers a wide range of benefits for internal IT departments, communications, and many others. In regards to remote access software, it comes with a wide range of plans that are aimed at smaller organizations and businesses. The most expensive plan they have will give you access to only 10 computers. 

It might seem a little more expensive than the other option, but the software comes with all the special features that you require. LogMeIn performs seamlessly for Macs and PCs. 

LogMeIn Pro gives you remote access on your mobile device. It has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. To get you started, it will provide step-by-step instructions as soon as you sign up. 

It is one of the best solutions for small businesses. The only drawback is the price. 

ConnectWise Control

This is a popular solution, particularly for IT companies that offer a wide range of features. It provides a business with automation tools, backup, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery solutions. 

It has two options for you to select from: 

  • ConnectWise Control Access. This has been created for unattended access. When it comes to POS monitoring, internal IT teams, managed services, and remote business activity, it can be the top choice.  
  • ConnectWise Control Support. This has been created for absolute remote control functionality. It represents a help-desk-style solution, which lets you resolve problems on-demand for your clients. 

Apart from unattended remote access, the software also lets you enjoy the features such as endpoint management, advanced reporting, role-based security, and backstage.


The application of remote access software has been complicated for supporting iOS and Mac devices. Organizations that were using PCs couldn’t always cater to Mac users. However, TeamViewer doesn’t have those problems. This solution can give you access to all iOS devices. 

This is the reason it is one of the best remote access solutions around. It is used by millions of customers. Moreover, it connects over two billion devices. For personal use, the software is always free. However, businesses will have to pay a minimum of $49. 

The only drawback for this solution is having to buy additional licenses for supporting over sessions. However, if you require over 10 simultaneous sessions, get in touch with the sales team to find out whether your business qualifies for customized enterprise pricing.

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