Top College Basketball Prospects to Keep an Eye on for 2020

Basketball is a huge sport globally with an estimated 400 million fans following the action. Of course, the NBA in America is the premier competition and one that attracts lots of attention from the whole Middle Eastern region. As sports betting gets more popular, this could help more people than ever globally get into basketball. With the BetRivers PA site and others like it making betting on the outcome of games simple, it will mean that new and old fans of the NBA can get more from the sport. 

We have already mentioned the players and how they play a role in the drama that keeps people coming back for more. This flow of talent does not appear from nowhere though and college basketball is where the NBA teams pick up the stars of tomorrow. Although it is a while away, all NBA teams will be keeping tabs on the best-performing college basketball stars to think about signing in the 2020 draft.

Just who might be the ones to look out for in college basketball this season?

Anthony Edwards

Standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at around 225 pounds, Anthony Edwards is a physically imposing player. He is the one many are picking out this season as the hottest college basketball prospect who could be the top choice in the 2020 draft. The talent that Edwards has is not in question and he could have a top career if he joins a pro-NBA team who can smooth off his rough edges. This is even more amazing when you consider that he is a freshman playing in Georgia! It is his attacking prowess that really catches the eye and his desire to simply pressure the other team’s defense. His sheer physicality also allows him to deal with contact in the game and make lots of steals.

LaMelo Ball 

LaMelo Ball is another top college prospect who many expect to be picked up in the 2020 draft. Playing at point guard for the Illawarra Hawks, he is just 18 and stands at 6 feet 6 inches tall. Although a foot injury might curtail his playing time a little this year, he has already put in some awesome performances to catch people’s attention.

Along with his height advantage, Ball has great vision and superb ball-handling skills. The one area that needs work is his shooting, but if he can improve that, then many NBA teams could be pursuing him. As with many college prospects, it is about the potential on offer and just how good any player could become. Ball certainly has what it takes to grow into a superb offensive player in the NBA.

Cole Anthony 

Another bright college prospect in basketball currently is Cole Anthony. He measures 6 feet 3 inches and plays at point guard for North Carolina. Anthony is a fierce competitor and has the real will to win that is needed to play the sport at a high level. Although he isn’t the tallest, he makes up for that in sheer skill and vision. His shot-making from the perimeter is also pretty good and the amount of playing time he is getting at North Carolina will stand him in good stead.

He is also a great passer of the ball, has quick feet, and is someone you could see flourishing with better players around him. Although he may struggle with scoring inside the paint a little, many believe that he has the talent to make it. He will certainly be one to watch out for during the rest of this season.

Tyrese Maxey 

One player who might come out of the blue to be a sought-after player this season is Tyrese Maxey. He started on the bench for Kentucky but soon made a spot on the team his own. Evidence of his outstanding talent was seen when he netted 26 points against Michigan State in the Champions Classic. Maxey is a real bundle of energy on court and reads the game well. He also has good defensive skills to go with his point-scoring ability. When allied to his quick hands, decent speed and lightning reactions, it is obvious that this is a player who has something. While he may not rise to be a mega-star in the NBA eventually, many think that he has what it takes to forge a very good career there. 

College stars look set to shine 

The current college basketball season has thrown up some great games already for fans in the Middle East to keep an eye on. The above players are a big reason behind this and what makes college ball so exciting to follow.

WE SAID THIS: They are the hottest prospects around now and are set to make the leap to the NBA with no problems.