Top Chef Season 8 Lands in Saudi’s Futuristic NEOM

All eyes have been on NEOM for some time now, the mega smart city taking up over 26,500 square kilometres in northwest Saudi Arabia.

A lot is planned for this city, including Sindallah (a luxury island resort), Trojena (a ski adventure resort), and much more.

Beyond that, the city is also venturing into the world of entertainment. NEOM Media Industries, the premier global media hub boasting elite production facilities, is launching the production of the much-anticipated eighth season of Top Chef.

Where Exactly Will The Show Be Shot?

Originally launched in the US, the Arabic version of Top Chef has so far been shot in several locations across the Middle East, including the UAE and Lebanon. Now, the show will change things up by moving its production to Saudi Arabia’s NEOM.


The new season of Top Chef will be shot at NEOM Media Village, where four world-class sound stages dominate the space.  From backlots, offices, and workshops to support services and other facilities, all are available to support large-scale productions.

The Village has an impressive repertoire, having already helped produce over 40 productions that include Hollywood, Bollywood, Arabic, and Saudi feature films.

What It Means To Shoot At NEOM

With it being NEOM, a smart and sustainable city, the show will emulate that eco-friendly spirit. According to Samar Akrouk, MBC GROUP’s Director of Production, “This eighth season will merge the high-energy competition that viewers expect with a strong emphasis on ecological awareness and sustainable living, reflecting the core values of NEOM as a city of the future.”

So, how will sustainability be integrated into Top Chef? Well, the new season of the show will require the contestants to rely on a sustainable approach to their cooking and think about food in relation to its environment. Contestants will need to use locally sourced ingredients and energy-efficient cooking methods.

Having the show produced in NEOM will bring about a fresh take on how Top Chef is usually presented. With the eighth season still under production at the mega-city, we’ll have a new season to look forward to later this year.

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