Today Is World Food Day and This Is How Egyptians Can Celebrate It!


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Egyptians’ relationship with food reminds us all with what we know as unconditional love. Your love to a Shwarma sandwich or a Big Mac is incomparable to any amount of affection you have towards a human being. Thus, an occasion such as World Food Day cannot easily go unnoticed. Today, the 16th of October, marks an event very close to our hearts; and tummies, and we’ll talk you through every single step on how to celebrate it.

STEP ONE: Surf the web for recipes

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It’s about time to remove the dust on your unopened saved Tasty videos on Facebook. With the help of blogs like Tasty you can easily do a thorough research to pick a recipe for the day. Don’t be scared to embrace your inner Sally Fouad; or Chef Sherbini, Martha Stewart, or even Ratatouille, just pick whoever you love!

STEP TWO: Go grocery shopping

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Once you settle on the dish, it’s time to shop for the ingredients. And of course, the experience of walking into a supermarket, gliding on the floor with your shopping cart in the aisles, and buying unnecessary goodies is a vital part of the day. Don’t just go with the lazy home delivery option, you deserve better!

STEP THREE: Work your magic in the kitchen

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Remember when I told you to embrace your inner chef two steps earlier? Well, now’s the time to unleash the beast!

STEP FOUR: Burn the kitchen to the ground and switch to plan B

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By now, you’ll realize that you’re a complete disaster in the kitchen; or not. In case you are, then plan B becomes inevitable, but if it turns out great, then the foodie in you should keep going anyway. Eitherways, step five is not optional!

STEP FIVE: Plan B: Resto-crawl!

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Forget about pub crawls, resto-crawls are the new deal; at least today. P.S: This would definitely be a super cool idea for a date night. If you’re single, then don’t frown. Who needs anyone when there’s food in the room anyway?

STEP SIX: Don’t forget to leave room for dessert

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Before giving up to the notorious food coma, leave some room for a delicious dessert. A sweet tooth is essential today!

STEP SEVEN: Don’t be selfish!

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Finally, on that day, in particular, you need to acknowledge the fact that world hunger still hasn’t come to an end. After all, this was the reason this event exists anyway. While you were celebrating, someone out there is going to bed without dinner and this needs our attention. The least you can do is donate your leftovers to anyone in need and you’ll find plenty of those on the streets, I assure you. You can also go an extra mile and make a donation to the Egyptian Food Bank or Resala.

WE SAID THIS: Together we can put an end to world hunger!