To All the Strong Independent Women Out There, This Fragrance Is for You!

Via Tu Piel Bonita

Inhaling in the delicate cedarwood dry tiny particles smelling like spicy pink pepper with a dash of sensual sweet vanilla. This is exactly how you feel after wearing Hollywood superstar, Cate Blanchett’s favorite perfume. This irresistible combination of grace and strength is no other than the scent of Si Passione, Giorgio Armani’s brand new fragrance.

The perfume was first launched in Europe on Valentine’s day but it hasn’t made it to Egypt until last month, July. The Italian words, Si Passione, simply address confident women who aren’t afraid of uttering the word “yes” to every opportunity. The strong independent women who can achieve whatever they want, whatever they dream. And to reflect the Eau de Parfum’s identity, the in-store launch had to reflect it too to grab the attention of their target consumers.

Si Passione was backed up with red roses; the flower that is most identified with passion and femininity. The in-store activations, the sampling, the packaging, and everything was all covered with the radiant red flowers. Additionally, the fragrance was embodied in a red lipstick-like bottle coming in different sizes of 50 and 100 ml.

WE SAID THIS: Wearing this fragrance will definitely make you feel more confident than you already are.