Tips on Surviving Social Media

By Hadeel El Aini

Social media can be a pure addiction. I mean, I stopped counting the times where I have deactivated my social accounts to take a “break” from all the drama, but five seconds later I activate them again just because I felt like I’m missing out on a lot of stuff that’s been happening, making me feel like I’m living on an isolated island or something! So please scroll down to get my tips on surviving social media.

Do not post about leaving social media. Leave quietly and never return.

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Do not post about mysterious drama. Spit it out or keep it to yourself.


Do not post pictures of yourself or anyone else in the hospital. That’s a whole other kind of sick that should be treated in another kind of hospital.

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If you’re posting a hot pic. Own it. We’re all fishing for compliments and that’s fine. Just don’t add a caption about the sunset or other obscure objects in the blurry background. No one is looking there.

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If you’ve posted it, it’s out there. So think twice. Someone somewhere will screenshot it and share it somewhere else to make fun of you. Just remember there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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The evil eye is out there but shit happens anyway. Live your life and share your joys but always say mashallah.

When you find yourself wondering whether or not someone is still married/dating etc while scrolling through their history and mutual friends, remind yourself that you don’t know for a reason. These people obviously aren’t close to you so stop snooping. Go take a walk.

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If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Never lie. Everything on the internet is permanent.


If you’re bold enough to add someone on social media but not say hi in real life, you have a problem that needs addressing.

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Workouts and marathons are fun. For you. Not us. Unless it’s something truly extraordinary, yawn. But then again you’re free… to be unfollowed by me.

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Kids are fun. (Read rule 10) (also, feel free to unfollow me if there are too many pics of my kids)

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Women use big gifs and emojis to hide stuff in pics. Deal with it. That’s why they’re there.

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If you feel like reposting people’s birthday messages to you, knock yourself out. That’s why there’s a mute story option for the rest of us.

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Don’t let social media disconnect you. Just because someone seems fine doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to hear from their friends in real life. Call or text. A “like” here and there isn’t enough.

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And finally, Likes are not a reflection of how loved you are. I promise. Your self worth should never be tied to how often someone clicks something. But remember, self-awareness is just as important as self-love. Don’t be an asshole. No matter how hot you think you are.

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