Tiffany Trump Ties the Knot with Mysterious Lebanese Businessman in Lavish Mar-a-Lago Ceremony

The Middle East has a love/hate relationship with Donald Trump. Some have expressed their admiration for the controversial president and even opened up restaurants in his honor, like Trump Fish in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Duhok. While others have denounced the former US president for his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and his divisive Muslim ban. However, Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, seems to be liked far more in the region, especially by one person in particular, as she has just tied the knot with her Lebanese fiancé, Michael Boulos at a lavish ceremony at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. But who is Tiffany’s new mysterious Lebanese husband who has mostly remained outside of the news? How did the two meet? And did their wedding have the classic Trump extravagance we associate with the family at large? We took a deep dive to find out.

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Who is Tiffany Trump’s Mystery Lebanese Soon-To-Be Husband?

At only 25 years of age, Michael Boulos is almost completely unknown in the world of business and politics. Although Lebanese by descent, Boulos spent most of his childhood growing up in Nigeria, where his family owns a multi-billion dollar company that trades in engine parts and have financial interests in real estate ventures. The main two family companies, SCOA Nigeria and Boulos Enterprises, have made the Boulos family a very important business family in the country and put Boulos in line to inherit a very important business empire. With the aim of carrying on the family business, Boulos studied project management at the City University of London. Boulos, however, also has some French ancestry, and proudly displays the Lebanese, American, Nigerian, and French flags on his Instagram bio to represent both his ancestry and where he lives.

How did the Two Lovebirds Meet?

Although kept out of the spotlight in many ways and away from the attention of the likes of TMZ and other celebrity gossip news outlets, the two met in 2018 at a celebrity beach club in Greece that hosted its very own reality TV show. At Lohan’s Beach Club on the Greek island of Mykonos, which became famous for hosting celebrities, being run by Lindsay Lohan, and having its own MTV reality TV show, the two were reportedly introduced and began dating. The exact details of how the two initially hit it off are not clear, but rumors circulated that Lindsay Lohan was behind setting them up together. However, Lohan at the premiere of her reality TV show denied she was behind setting the two up, clarifying that “I know him … and I know her … but I don’t know what happened.”

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Although keeping their relationship mostly hidden from the press, the press occasionally snapped glimpses of the couple together in public. Their first photographed public appearance together was during New York Fashion Week in 2018, and gossip columns quickly began to report that the two were dating. It was at this time that it was also reported that Boulos had already been introduced to the Trump family for Thanksgiving that same year. For the next few years, Boulos became an almost common fixture at Trump campaign events and other political functions. From attending the rally kicking off Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign to greeting guests at the presidential turkey pardoning event for Thanksgiving and attending the Republican National Convention, Boulos seemed to have become an accepted member of the Trump family. The day before Donald Trump left the White House and the presidency, however, Boulos proposed to Tiffany in the White House’s Rose Garden with a ring reportedly worth 1.2 million US dollars.

What was their Wedding Like?

In the run-up to their planned wedding on Saturday, Nov. 12, in Florida, the whole state was battered by Tropical Storm Nicole. With large areas flooded and some areas given evacuation orders, it was uncertain if the wedding could go as planned, especially if the bad weather continued. However, as the weather improved, Mar-a-Lago was able to reopen on Friday to welcome guests for the wedding the following day.

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Although the exact details are yet to be released, a few pictures have emerged showing Tiffany’s older sister Ivanka as the bride-maid of honor in a pink dress. According to the Daily Mail, the bride, her mother, and the maid of honor all wore dresses made by Lebanese designer, Elie Saab as a nod to Boulos’ Lebanese ancestry. Likewise, Tiffany’s wedding dress follows the traditional convention of a white dress without any of the extravagance associated with the Trump family name. The newly-wed couple reportedly had their first dance to Toploader’s Dancing in the Moonlight in their intimate wedding that only had 300 guests.

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