This Malaysian Tourist Documented His Trip to Egypt and We’re Absolutely in Love

Via Zul Ikhwan Aziz

As we were scanning Facebook’s news feed, we couldn’t help but stop when we stumble upon one particular post. It was a jaw-dropping three-minute video uploaded by Zul Ikhwan Aziz, a Malaysian tourist. The video where Aziz documented his last trip to Egypt featured your favorite destinations in the country; Cairo, Alexandria, Dahab, and Saint Catherine.


I recently went on a trip to Egypt with my wife and her sisters and made this travel film. We traveled through Cairo, Alexandria, Dahab, St. Catherine and we hiked Mt. Sinai which also known as Jabal Musa which was the place where Prophet Musa received the Ten Commandments. Enjoy!Shot with: Canon 80D + efs 10-18mm stmMusic: Kai Engel – Endless Story About Sun and Moon

Posted by Zul Ikhwan Aziz on Saturday, February 24, 2018

Other than the fact that the landscapes were breathtaking and the sceneries were mesmerizing, Aziz left quite an impression with his filmmaking style. The colors, the background music, the wide shots, the sick compositions, and the dynamic camera movements, all added to the cinematic feels of the video. Even his choice of locations was brilliant, he avoided including shots in cliché spots and that was quite obvious. The video would’ve been even cooler if it included more iconic destinations such as Marsa Alam, Siwa, or Luxor and Aswan. However, we know it’s time-consuming for a tourist to roam an entire country, especially if it’s a beautiful one like ours.

WE SAID THIS: We’re really glad you enjoyed your trip, Zul! We love your video as much as you love Egypt.