This French Retail Brand Just made Mo Ramadan the Theme Behind Their Latest Collection

Via Facebook

French Brand, Artfully, released their new collection with Egyptian Actor, Mohamed Ramadan, as its theme and we’re literally in love.

Via Filfan’s Twitter

The jackets hold pictures of the character he played in his series “AL-Ostora”; Rafie EL-Desoky. He tweeted that he’s so happy to be featured on Artfully’s collection in France and that he’s so glad that a lot of people are actually showing interest.

Via Filfan’s Twitter

You can find all the sizes of the jackets from “XS” to “XXXL”; and the prices are ranges from €199 to €399. Even though there are a lot of controversies on the content that Ramadan presents, there is no debate about his legendary success. His talent is taking him to new heights, not only on the national level, but apparently on the regional and international levels as well.

The Tweet reads: I’m so happy for having my picture on Artfully clothes in France and I’m happier to know that a lot of people are showing interest in them. 

WE SAID THIS: We’re super proud of the Egyptian star and we wish him even more success.

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