This Egyptian Girl Is the Only Arab Selected to Take Part in the World Art Dubai Doodling Marathon

Via Ahd Hany

World Art Dubai is back for a fourth edition, but this time including more new segments. The fair will feature new segments like photography, digital art, in addition to dedicated spaces for galleries, solo artists, and groups representing a display of art and culture from all over the world. Egyptian Ahd Hany is considered extremely lucky to take part in this awaited event; in its doodling marathon in particular.

Via The Designer

What’s a doodling marathon and what is that all about? Well, this is actually going to be the longest marathon of its kind. Simply, four artists were selected, Ahd included, to doodle on huge canvases for a whole 24 hours each!  The artists will be participating in this activation that’s taking place at Dubai World Trade Center from the 18th till the 21st of April. Ahd will be doodling on Friday the 20th on a 2x2m canvas for the entire day!

It all started when the Egyptian interior designer, born and raised in the UAE, won the Redbull Kicks Art 2017 in Dubai. Out of hundreds of applicants, Ahd was nominated to be one of the top 10 who get to showcase their designs in the final stage in Sole DXB. Luckily, votes were in her favor and she won the grand prize; that was to get her design brought to life by having her own line from ASICS Tiger. Her line named “Griffonage” will soon be launched and sold as limited editions for fashionable kicks’ maniacs.

Via Ahd Hany

Ahd’s future plans include a project for Koita, the “Koita Reimagined series”. Koita is an organic dairy company based in the UAE, and their marketing campaign, brought by The Ajala Project, involves recreating designs, and that’s where Ahd comes in. She’s also working with a high-end Japanese restaurant in Dubai. She’s designing a unique line of shoes to be worn exclusively by the staff members.

WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait to see Ahd’s piece of art!