AXA Egypt Named Top Employer for 2019!

Via AXA Egypt

What really makes one employee happier, or at least more satisfied with his job, than another? The answer is a healthy work environment. The environment of your workplace has the sole power to make you either enjoy your job or drag yourself out of bed the entire week.

The environment plays a major role in employee turnover, and that factor, unfortunately, is being taken for granted with the increased stress nowadays. Only a few employers truly understand how valuable the morale and satisfaction of their employees are. That’s why it was quite impressive to see a great example like AXA stand out as a Top Employer.

Via AXA Egypt

The multinational insurance company’s entity in Egypt has been officially certified as Top Employer for 2019. It’s worth mentioning that AXA is proudly the only holder of that title, in its field, by the Top Employers Institute. The global Certification Programme has recognized over 1,300 Top Employers in more than 115 countries around the world.

So, what’s the key? What was AXA’s secret? Organizations, like AXA Egypt, normally follow the progressive ‘people-first’ HR practices providing their staff with a healthy workplace.

To reach this place, AXA has valued its employees and it’s reflected in their tendency, to be more committed to their work and the entire organization, thus, there’s less turnover. Also, unifying its culture through its core values, One AXA, Customer First, Integrity and Courage, AXA, is building a strong foundation for its people to lead its collective success with positive morale. Things such as delegation, leaving room for flexibility and freedom and providing career development opportunities are the things that raise spirits. Ever since the company opened its doors in Egypt three years ago, it has offered an array of programs that improve the overall work environment.

It’s worth mentioning that AXA has a Global Policy that offers all workers in the organization the same level of benefits, bearing in mind parents and providing them with strong recognition. For instance, AXA doesn’t just support mothers, it also supports fathers by offering them four calendar weeks of paid paternity. That of course, is along with the 16 calendar weeks of paid maternity leave for mothers.

In addition, AXA Egypt also provides an E-learning platform that gives its employees access to over 2,000 courses, in the fields of innovation, HR, marketing, finance, and much more.

AXA Egypt is set to empower its employees, sustaining their development journey, personally and professionally, maintaining a positive work environment for them to remain energized, happy and satisfied.

Watch a glimpse of the life at AXA Egypt below.

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