#AScoopofDubaiFoodFestival: One on One with Jay at the Westin Cheese Fest

Via Time Magazine

The month of love and romance, February, ended perfectly in the UAE with the Dubai Food Festival taking place, passing over the culinary experience to March. The 17-day event that came to an end last weekend had a lot in store for all the foodies around the Emirate, and we had the chance to join in for bites! One thing, in particular, that melted our taste buds was the Cheese Fest at the Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach & Resort Marina, and guess who was there?

Our very own Chief of Content, Sabrina Khalil, got the chance to interview Chef Jay, one of the masterminds behind the event. Taking us on a tour around the fromage wonderland, the culinary experience will tell you everything you need to know about cheese madness all over the world.

The event featured booths serving cheesy specialties from Arabic, Eastern European, South American, Greek cuisine, and much more making this seem more of a cultural celebration of cheese!

Here’s a very special walkthrough in case you missed it.


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