This Alexandrian Group Exhibition in Cairo Is Your Daily Dose of Art This Month

Via Artsy

By Alaa El Gohary

For all art lovers out there, this is probably your lucky month! The Alexandrian Dream exhibition by the Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art is hosting a group exhibition by Alexandrian artists.

The exhibition, taking place in downtown, kicked off on October 21st, 2018, and will keep its doors open until November 22nd. 

Via Artsy

“The Alexandrian Dream” features the works of Alexandrian-based artists including, Ahmed Senbel, Hany El Sayed, Mohamed Abo El Magd, Nagib Moueen, Omar Tousson, Said Badr, Sarkis Tounsonian, and Shady Habiba.

Not just that, but another special solo-exhibition by the renowned Alexandrian and London-based artist, Nazir Tanbouli, is taking place at Mashrabia.

The exhibition named “The Dancing Canvases” reflects Tanbouli’s exploratory journey with dance. The illustrator, print maker and graffiti artist’s work also shows an intense fusion between dance, motion, photography, and film with music acting as a framework for his paintings. 

Check out Mashrabia Art Gallery’s Facebook page for more information.

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