Think of These Food Banks When Considering Your Next Good Deed

In an era where the rising of global food prices is increasing by the minute more than a million people in the world, causing so many people to struggle with food scarcity and hunger – according to Food Insight Organization. It’s completely unacceptable that 1/3 of the food produced in the world for our consumption is either lost or wasted every year.

Therefore, when you fill up your grocery bag with food and donate it to different food banks you actually begin to empower so many feeding programs, nutrition education, anti-waste food awareness, relief as well as different skills and developments.

Please scroll down to check out different food banks from our region for you to place your next donation.

Egyptian Food Bank

For those of you who are living in Egypt, this non-profit food bank is your go-to. You can visit their website to check their two programs; one is for individuals and the other is for corporations.

It’aam Saudi Food Bank

Al Fozan Social Foundation launched the Ita’am initiative back in 2010, to help feed the people in need through collecting quality meals with the help of regular employees and volunteers from hotels, banquets and wedding parties to the underprivileged. Check their website to follow the donation procedures.

UAE Food Bank

The non-profit charitable organization was launched in 2017, under the umbrella of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives. The organization is extremely committed to distributing food to those in need while eliminating food waste by collaborating with local authorities as well as international charities. Please check their website to place your donations.

Lebanese Food Bank

“Together against hunger” is this organization’s slogan. This Lebanese food bank is a non-profit organization that aims to to fight, and overcome hunger by developing effective feeding programs to eradicate hunger in Lebanon. Check their website for donations.

Iraqi Food Bank

Providing and constantly offering food assistance to the poor and needy through attracting different fundings to eradicate hunger by activating social solidarity and stimulating volunteers across Iraq. Their vision is for Iraq free from hunger by the year 2030. Check their Facebook page for the latest updates.

Syrian Food Bank

Collaborating with the Syrian Ministry of Internal Affairs, this non-profit food bank is giving life back to their war torn country through distributing food across Syria and helping those in need. Please check their Facebook page so that you can contact them and donate.

WE SAID THIS: There is still hope to eradicate hunger and poverty.

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