These Saudi Girls Just Beat 23,000 People in an Engineering Competition in Panama!

By Febronia Hanna

Many girls are told to think twice when they choose any branch of engineering as a college major. These three girls, however, managed to get an international prize in industrial engineering powered by Procter and Gamble.

via Saudi Gazette

Malak Al-Mousli, Rawan Baik and Lina Hussain from King Abdulaziz University competed against 23,000 participants from 40 different countries and won. Through the stages of the competition, they were required to design a strategy for a high profile company with a budget of $1 billion.

They displayed good marketing, business management, human resources, strategy development and budgeting; but they were especially proud that they were able to change the stereotype of Saudi women.

WE SAID THIS: Have a good time designing your future, girl power all the way!