These Free Apps Aid the Hearing Impaired Making Their Lives Much Easier


Technology has changed our lives ever since its existence. Even though it has had some negative impact, one still cannot deny the breakthroughs it has offered humanity. Mobile applications on their own serve people in various ways possible as many apps out there are tailored to our needs. Today, we’d like to highlight five apps that serve those with extra special needs, the hearing impaired population. These apps will significantly help people who suffer from hearing loss. It’s amazing what technology can now do to help those who may need it. You can now even think about getting a phone for hearing impaired people so they are able to stay in contact with their loved ones without having to worry about hearing them on the receiving end. Along with this phone, these apps can drastically change the life of someone who is suffering from a hearing impairment.


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BioAid works turns your smartphone into a hearing aid! It works by transforming the sound detected, through your phone’s mic, into a hearing-impaired user friendly format over connected earphones.

Available for iOS.

Easy Talk Lite


This app basically transcribes conversations thanks to its voice recognition features.

Available for Android.


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This one eliminates all the communication barriers between a person suffering from hearing impairment and a non-signer. Z5 allows one to videocall an interpreter who verbally translates the signing to the hearing caller!

Available for iOS.

ITV Signed Stories

This one’s for all the mommies struggling with their kids out there. Having a child suffering from hearing impairment is hard to deal with. Their education, entertainment, communication, everything; but what if we tell you that you don’t have to compromise any of these things? ITV Signed Stories offers your child a variety of signed bedtime stories in both American and British signed English!

Available for iOS.


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Who needs emojis when you can download Signily? Imagine having an entire keyboard dedicated to sign language? Well, that’s pretty much it as Signily is packed with all hand gestures a signer would need for communication.

Available for iOS and Android.

WE SAID THIS: Technology is all about serving our needs after all!