The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Nile River Cruise In Egypt

Just imagine yourself cruising through the Nile River, spending days between the country’s Ancient sights scattered around Luxor and Aswan. In Victorian times, a Nile cruise was one of the popular ways to see some of Egypt’s most outstanding Ancient temples. Currently, there are many agencies that offer these types of Nile cruises, allowing guests to take in the beauty of the Nile while enjoying picturesque views of Ancient Egyptian sites. Let’s take a cruise down the different experiences by the Nile.

Alexander The Great Nile Cruise

Alexander the Great Nile Cruise offers four-night Nile River cruises from Luxor every Monday and four-night Nile cruises from Aswan every Friday. The cruise offers a complimentary airport transfer service and an outside pool surrounded by cozy lounge chairs where you can chill and enjoy the sunset. They provide spa services including a hot springs bath and different massage therapies. Their prices start at EGP4000 per night.

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Nile Cruise including Abu Simbel

This is a Nile cruise that is dedicated to taking guests on a journey of discovering the top historical attractions in southern Egypt. During this four-day cruise from Aswan to Luxor, guests will witness the Kom Ombo Temple, the Valley of Kings, and Philae Temple. The cruise will offer onboard meals, plus a personalized pickup from the airport, train station, or any Aswan hotel. The price for this one starts from EGP6000 per night.

Felucca Nile Cruise

Even if you have only a short time to spare, you can still enjoy a River Nile Cruise. This is a 1-3 hours experience that provides you with beautiful scenery across the river in a traditional wooden sailboat called a felucca. The price range from EGP600 to EGP800 per hour. There, you can bring your own meals and drinks if you wish!

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 Oberoi Philae Nile Cruise

This is a luxurious 5-star Nile Cruise that offers four-night and six-night cruises down the Nile between Aswan and Luxor. The cruise provides a fitness center and a terrace with beautiful views of the banks of the Nile. The cruise makes several stops so you can go discover the Abu Simbel Temple and learn more about Ancient Egyptian civilization. Prices start at EGP10,000 per night.

MS Chateau Lafayette Nile Cruise

The MS Chateau Lafayette Nile Cruise offers multiple packages catering to different tastes and creating an exceptional experience. The package offers transfers to sights, such as the High Dam, Karnak Temple, Valley of Kings, Philae Temple, Abu Simbel, and the Luxor Temple in an air-conditioned bus and includes the entrance fee. The cruise departs from Luxor every Monday for four nights and from Aswan each Friday for three nights and prices start at EGP2000 per night.


To escape Cairo’s congested traffic, you can take a boat on the renowned Nile river with Dahabiya Nile Cruise. What really distinguishes this boat is the unique culinary experience that you can enjoy while cruising through the heart and soul of Cairo. Since it’s Ramadan, Dahabiya offers iftar trips that range from EGP360 to EGP790. As for sohour, the price is EGP450. You can call (0121111 5145) to reserve your spot.

Next time you want to see some of Egypt’s temples and other touristic sights, take the chance and book a room on one of these Nile cruises. You’ll definitely enjoy the weather, the services they provide, and the beautiful scenery of Egypt’s Nile River. But keep in mind, the next time you book a trip, the prices are subject to change and vary from one season to another.

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