The Version Of Palestinian Stories Never Told By The Jewish Press

The Palestinian situation feels like an ongoing sting in the heart. Grief stricken, with no end in sight. Everyday, Palestinians lose their lives at the hands of the Israeli apartheid. Everyday, at least one woman loses her partner, and with it, the dream of having a family becomes more and more farfetched. At least one kid loses a parent, one parent loses a son or a daughter. We can go on forever, and yet, so many stories will remain untold, especially by the Jewish press.

This palpable sense of loss is rarely depicted in the Jewish press, and thus, many people around the world are not yet aware of the ‘routine of death’ Palestinians have grown so accustomed to over the years of absolute ordeal. Israel continues to dehumanize the Palestinian souls, like they’re some bugs that ought to be killed without thinking twice. And, that’s exactly what the Jewish voice calling for peace have tackled through their Instagram account.

During another violent incident that occurred in late September in the occupied West Bank, a few other names were added to the never ending list of Palestinian martyrs. Five Palestinians were killed during raids in Jenin and Jerusalem. They were fathers, husbands, a soon-to-be spouse, and a 16 year-old child. Imagine those five families shaken by yet another loss of loved ones. Ones who had families to support, and a future to live as they try to find a ray of hope in a tunnel of darkness..

“As far as we are concerned, all those killed were armed Hamas operatives, taking part in firefights,” said an Israeli military spokesperson. This is how the incident was described, according to Reuters.

As these families mourn and grieve, the Israeli military was simply announcing the news of killing “Hamas gunmen” when in fact, they killed an employee, a man who was planning his wedding, and a 16 year-old boy who chose to risk their lives in pursuit of liberty. Such news is only a testament to the Israeli forces brutality, more than anything else.

The Jewish Voice For Peace took a rather gritty approach showing the other side of the stories, one the Jewish people barely see. A fraction of the complete injustice Palestinians continuously go through, snippets of the endless tears of mothers, fathers, spouses, and siblings that continue to run down their cheeks. The endless bullets that hover over their heads, and the endless courage, relentless and tandem fighting of Palestinians, to get their country back.

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