The Story of Our Food: The Origins of Koshari and How It Became Egypt’s National Dish

‘Koshari’ is one of the most iconic Egyptian dishes. On almost every street in Cairo, there’s at least one Koshari place, and whenever we can’t choose between pasta, rice, chickpeas and lentils, we go for Koshari because it has absolutely everything! Yet, with all that being said, Koshari actually has its origins in India, not Egypt.

This signature dish dates back to British colonialism, as the British brought it with them when they came to Egypt, from India. The name itself comes from the Indian word ‘khichri’ which refers to a dish of rice and lentils. And because many Italians lived in Egypt at the time, they added the pasta. Following which, the Egyptians added fried onions, ‘daqqa’ (vinegar and garlic sauce), tomato sauce, and spicy sauce, making it the national Egyptian dish we know today.

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As one of the best Egyptian street foods, Koshari is delicious, cheap, and filling. It is loved by foreigners and Egyptians alike, and you’ll always crave it as soon as you pass by a koshari restaurant, or a neighbor making it at home.

Make sure you check out this recipe for the ingredients you need and tips on how to make it at home.

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