The Story Behind Um Kulthum’s Famous Scarf and Diamond-Studded Sunglasses

There are so many things that make Egypt a great and rich country. One of which are the Pyramids of Giza; the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world. However, Egypt can’t only be defined by its ancient history! Looking back, this country has distinguished itself in the region with its eternal art and entertainment industry. During the 1950s, known as the golden age, Egypt was booming, thanks to its well-established production and cinema industry with 50 featured films that were produced per year.

The legacy of brilliant musicians, singers, and actors continues to live with us today. We can’t deny that our childhood has been greatly shaped by our parents, their preference and taste in music, art, and films. The one artist in particular that all generations agree on the mesmerizing and exceptional singing talent is Um Kulthum. With her immortal 60-year career, she has released 300 songs that we all absolutely love.

‘The star of the orient’ is considered a symbol of the Arab world. Her voice has captured our imagination and brought only pleasure to millions. But, there’s one thing that has caught our eyes; have you ever thought why Um Kulthum always had a scarf in her left hand during all of her concerts? Why have we almost never seen her without her famous diamond-studded cat-eye sunglasses?!

Apparently, the star used to struggle with anxiety. In an interview, Um Kulthum mentioned that she used to have stage fright, which caused her hands to sweat immensely, hence the reason why she used to have a scarf in her hand during performances. On the other hand, the reason why she used to always wear her cat-eye diamond-encrusted sunglasses was to shield herself from the intense and prolonged exposure to stage and studio lighting.

Um Kulthum will always live in our hearts. Her valuable belongings, as well as some of her old records and tapes, were moved to the Um Kulthum Museum at Manasterli palace back in December of 2001. What a wonderful tribute to the singer’s life. 

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