The Smart Way To Start Your Own Business: WHY YOU SHOULD IN THE FIRST PLACE

It was probably the scariest decision of my life, leave the corporate world and embark on my own business, with my own ideas (that mind you made me successful in other people’s businesses) but i never trusted i could do it on my own. Being a person who always had side projects, regardless where i worked, i never thought i could just do me full time. Till i was graced with a horrible boss (Thank God)

As of recently the rise in young entrepreneurs is outstanding, new restaurants opening everyday, new business ventures popping up here and there; there doesn’t seem to be a better time than now to take that leap of faith.

JUST DO IT & here is why i recommend it!

1. You Make Your Own Destiny:

If you are like me and like to make your own rules, take control of your life and make your own decisions, then your a “Type – A” personality like myself. Owning your own business makes you, your own boss thus, you make the decisions that best steer your company. It might be scary at the beginning, but it sure as hell pays off when you start reaping all you have sewn, and people recognize your efforts.

2. Creating Your own Work/Life Balance

I would like to say I’m amazing at this, but I’m not an example. “Hi I’m a workaholic and i don’t know how to balance my personal life.” But if you aren’t a control freak like myself, owning your own business comes with flexibility, setting your own working hours, going to the office in PJ’s, or even taking your pet to work. Trust me I’ve done all three and it is liberating; but keeping in mind i may start my day at 11 am instead of 9 am, but it ends at 11 pm.

With the perks, comes the responsibility of employees and clients, and it all rides on you.

3. You Choose who works with you

From clients to employees, it’s all in your hands, no more pesky boss hovering over your head, or that one client who is just a big pain in the ass but you have to put up with them because your boss wants to keep them around!

You end up surrounding yourself with people who actually care for you and your business, that ultimately want to grow with you. People say working with friends and family may not be the best option, but for the solid few you trust and know are ethical, they will be the best added advantage to your business.

4. Take Risks – The rewards Reaped are Priceless!

The amount of times I have offered projects to my bosses knowing they were sure fire wins, and they were rejected due to the high risk factor are unimaginable. Being able to be my own boss and take those risks, makes the reward all the more important. So the better you are at managing the risk factor, the more rewards you’ll reap

In the words of Mark Dinges “Like every other great game, the more you play, the better you get. You learn to recognize good opportunities from bad ones. You learn how to look like you are committed to new products, without actually financially committing to it until you have feedback from your Clients. You also learn to create exit strategies for bad situations and how to maximize the good ones.”

5. You Challenge Yourself

Routine kills me, i can not imagine sitting day in day out doing the same thing behind a desk. As an entrepreneur every day is filled with different challenges, new faces, creative ideas, and attempts to always push the boundaries a little further.

You learn so much about different factions of business that you may have not been exposed to as an employee. I.e. accounting, the amazing tax system our country has in place, either way your knowledge base is always growing!

6. Follow Your Passion

Like they say when you love your work, then it’s not really work. At Nineteen84 as owners our work has become our lives, regardless of the long hours we put into growing the company we actually have fun doing it! Making that conscious decision to make a living off what you love is probably one of the best decisions anyone can make.

7. You get things done faster

As an entrepreneur the word “No” or “I Can’t” means nothing to you, having to wait for someone else’s approval, or go by the book is mundane and usually a drag that stops a lot of companies from moving forward. Most “Big” companies are too busy being big, so they can’t react as quick as smaller businesses or take the decisions like the owners do, due to the fact that their hands are tied.

Therefore, you can always be one step ahead of the game.

8. Get to know your clients

Hiding behind a large corporate desk, takes away from the one-on-one interaction you get from dealing with your clients and or customers. Dealing with them, becoming part of their family, seeing what the customer is like, is all part of the growth and hands on experience one gets from being their own boss.

In this case, one gets to live with the mantra “The customer isn’t always right”

9. Be Charitable

Success breads success, and by being able to create a successful business you ultimately MUST give back. By having your own business you can choose which charities to donate to, you can implement that internship project you’ve always wanted to do.

Good karma is the success to any business, if you give to the community and those who are learning or in need just like you were at some point, then you will ultimately succeed and move forward.

10. The Pride in Building Something that is Yours!

When your blood, sweat, tears, heart & soul have all been put into something, the sense of pride you establish in building something on your own is unlike anything anyone can fathom when working for someone else.

Nothing is more satisfying that being successful through your own ideas, efforts & leadership skills.

I SAID THIS: If your thinking of doing your own thing – DO IT!