The Smart Way To Start Your Own Business: Book Smart or Street Smart

Most people consider book smart to be better than street smart. “Oh my god they graduated with a 4.0, they must be geniuses!” (I’m not hating, i graduated with a 4.0) but i also happen to be good at hustling, and being a people’s person i know how to navigate my way around all types of people.

Throw me in any kind of group of people, I’ll find something to talk about and I’ll know what i’m saying, the thing is i was able to mix my street smarts, with my book smarts and actually learn and invest in my education which led to me having something to talk about with people on personal and professional levels.

Here are my 5 reasons why being street smart is better than book smart for your business:

  1. The Survival instinct:In a turbulent economy such as today’s, book smarts just don’t do it any more. Student loans to pay off, mortgages and so much more, leave people caving under the pressure of a stellar education, but then what? Being street smart brings out the survival instinct in people, pushes them to hustle, want more, and in some rare cases achieve it (that is when you put your minds to it).
  2. Character Skills: Being street smart like i said usually means you deal with and come across all sorts of people, thus letting you develop the ability to differentiate between the hustlers out there, or the con artists, and those who can actually further your career.
  3. Find the silver lining: Shit sometimes hits the fan, it happens in all businesses, it takes street sense and the ability to jump back on one’s feet to move forward from whatever hit that just incurred. With just your general education and no real life experiences most would probably have a hard time find the silver lining and taking advantage of the situation.
  4. Deal with people. People do business with your people, not your company. Finely tuned people skills make you more likeable, warm, friendly, open, and effective. Put yourself in their heads to see things from their perspective. Have patience, and listen actively before speaking. Street smart entrepreneurs practice this discipline until it is not work.
  5. Experience: It all boils down to experience, the more of it you have the more likely your capable of navigating your business and even your personal life in the right direction. Don’t shelter yourself, get out there and put yourself on the line, what’s the worst that can happen?**

**Please do not take that in a literal manner and hold us accountable for your millions lost 😉