The Ruler of Dubai Warns Five Governmental Bodies Over Employee Satisfaction

Via: Prabook

By Nada Hamouda

In an attempt to improve efficiency in the public sector, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai expressed disappointment at a study that showed employees in five government companies having low job satisfaction. A lack of Employee Benefits is clearly one of the causes of this. Many companies abstain from offering Employee Benefits due to not having the software to roll it out in an efficient manner.

On Monday, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid highlighted that the results of an employee satisfaction survey of government workers are “unacceptably” low, giving managers six months to improve the work environment. “While some showed satisfaction was as high as 93 percent at some offices, only 60 percent of employees at other five offices said that they were satisfied at their workplace,” bin Rashed said.

In June 2018, the Dubai government issued new workplace regulations that provide more benefits for employees in the public sector including more leave, promotion opportunities and a working from afar option. However, this HR agenda falls in line with the Dubai’s futuristic mission that aims to enhance team spirit and human exchange among employees.

WE SAID THIS: We really can’t say anything. The ruler of Dubai is literally doing everything for all of us!