The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade Tops Trends After Luring the World With a Magical Performance

Yesterday, Egypt witnessed one of the most historical and magical events ever. An event that the whole world eagerly watched with full interest and curiosity. The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade astonished audience from across the globe. The entire show got us speechless and all we’re doing now is reacting and posting all about it, from how impressed we are with the planning and organizing to fashion, music and certainly production.

Today morning, it was the number one trend worldwide, proving that with yesterday’s performance, Egypt dazzled the world. It is a pride to each and everyone who took part in such a magical event. To all Egyptians and non-Egyptians, this is Egypt! Now scroll down to find out how the world reacted, and how people from all over the world already can’t wait to visit Egypt.

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